The yellow vest of courage, tailored for Canada.

While there can be a certain ebb and flow to certain protest movements, it looks as though the yellow vest-or gilets jaunes- movement hasn't lost any steam going into this new year. With beginnings in France last November, as a response to President Macron's fuel tax increase, the fire has spread to other European nations, including Belgium, the Netherlands, and even the UK. Each nation that adopts the movement has tailored it to both specific, as well as common issues shared with the originators in France. The French protests are made up of a cross section of those to the left and those to the right, and while maligned as violent and racist, there is absolutely nothing racist in the motives for these protests, and the only violent behavior seems to be coming from the police in response to the protestors. While treated like criminals, the real criminality is found in draconian taxes which are being imposed upon these people, which contribute to the high cost of living that th…

The U.N. reaches a toxic new low with the Global Migration Compact

Much has been both written, and said, concerning the U.N. Global Migration Compact, which is due to be signed in Marrakech next month. Although this compact isn't binding, it is the first step towards a binding resolution...and it is quite alarming. Why any national government, whether it be under the auspices of the U.N. or otherwise, would so willfully, and willingly, sign away their border sovereignty to the un elected bureaucracy of the U.N. is beyond my comprehension. As an American, I am fortunate enough at this time to have President who understands fully that a nation without borders, or a nation that loses control of it's borders, ceases to be a nation-which backs up the very true assertion that this whole charade is more of a nation state suicide pact. President Trump's actions on the southern border, in doing what must be done(apart from getting the wall built) to defend the U.S. against the Central American migrants, is a perfect illustration of how he feels n…

Presenting valid photo ID when voting is not only should be a must.

A valid photo ID for most people is a mainstay, as one is required to do so many things. From airline travel, to renting a car, or opening a savings account, etc. The list could go on and on, and I don't disagree at all with having to show a valid ID for any number of everyday activities and transactions, as the veritable myriad of reasons for having to do so are very valid, and I think the greater number of Americans see the importance of those reasons. Fraud does happen, so it should go without saying that a valid ID should also be presented, and eligibility be established, before voting in an election.

I can remember the first election I voted in very well, and in the intervening twenty two years since my first vote, there couldn't be more of a difference in the integrity of , as well as confidence in, our electoral process. In '96, I had to show ID not only to register to vote, but I also had to present it before voting.

President Trump signed an executive order las…

Through both victory, and defeat...the march of populist nationalism continues.

There can be no doubt about the current rise of populist nationalism in North America. While it has taken a little time to come to fruition, the fervor for it continues to grow on both sides of the 49th parallel. I think of the first time in my adult voting life, when this message first really hit home for me, and that would have to be from Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska, and running mate of the late senator John McCain, of Arizona, during the 2008 Presidential election. Sarah was really on fire at the beginning of that campaign, but I always felt she was muzzled by McCain at a certain point. She was either gaining an audience for the campaign that McCain disapproved of, or perhaps it could've been the fact that she was gaining more headlines than he was, thus showing she was the one really hitting a nerve, and striking a chord among the American people. I found her energy and enthusiasm infectious, and the following speech really captured that energy very well.

As malign…

Standing Tall, Standing Proud...and standing out in the crowd

Faith Goldy first came to my attention early last year, and has continued to not only impress, but amaze me. From first discovering her via Rebel Media, and her well documented work there, through her post Rebel journalism, and fiery promotion of nationalism, as evidenced in the following video:

A good video of that rally can be found here, and I think that above all of the great work Faith has done, both here on this continent, and beyond, this rally stood out to me, without a doubt. It showed me more than ever, as if I wasn't convinced already, what kind of a woman Faith truly is...and what kind of character she possesses. As she has done in the past so many times, Faith stuck her neck out, and faced down ever present hostility, to not only show the rest of Canada, but the rest of the world, a united front of peaceful patriotism, and also that of pride, strident nationalism...and freedom.

It is a natural human instinct, to live, and be free...but freedom is in fact not free, an…

A carbon tax should receive the ax, on both sides of the 49th parallel

In the blue state of Washington, where I currently reside, we have a Governor who is very pro carbon tax. Governor Jay Inslee has been a proponent of a statewide carbon tax, with his support of the failed Initiative 732, which was solidly rejected by voters in 2016, in a 59-41 percent margin. According to an article posted on, by Jason Rantz, he cites a quote from Inslee in 2016, where the Democrat Governor says: "I would veto anything that heads the wrong direction and the wrong direction is new taxes in the state of Washington." If that wasn't a proven fallacy already, then his continued advocacy of a state carbon tax, according to the same article, certainly proves it so, with Inslee's latest proposal, designed to raise 750 million dollars in it's first year, and only increasing after that. I guess one must thank God for small blessings, as well as large ones, as Inslee's latest carbon shakedown proposal has failed to pass this liberal sta…

The price of authenticity can be high, but being authentic is priceless

He is known as the "Albertan from Quebec", and Maxime Bernier, leader of the People's Party of Canada (PPC), certainly seems to live up to that, and is now free to do so, since his departure from the Conservative Party of Canada(CPC), and subsequent courageous leap forward, with the founding of the PPC. In the current, polarized political climate we all find ourselves in, being authentic to ones beliefs can indeed come at a high price, and within the whipped confines of the CPC, along with all the inauthenticity that party has come to represent, I can only imagine how many people have turned their backs on Maxime, whether it be former colleagues, others within the ranks of that party, and even those in his personal life.

I have touched on equalization previously, but one undeniable way Maxime seeks to represent all Canadians equally, including Albertans, is at last putting equalization under the microscope. In a speech posted on the PPC homepage, he lays out a very good…