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My political awareness begins

I should begin this introductory post by starting out at the beginning...when I first became politically aware. The 1988 Presidential election in the U.S. was not an especially inspiring one for the American people, with the choices being Democratic party nominee, Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, and the Republican party nominee, Vice President George H.W. Bush.Americans desired a continuation of the policies of President Reagan, and were left instead with the watered-down, "kinder,gentler" conservatism of the Vice-President, and the same old tax and spend liberalism of Governor Dukakis. This was in stark contrast to the 1980 and 1984 elections, when the American public were truly inspired, and carried Ronald Reagan to landslide victories in both of those elections. Being a 10 year old, I was blissfully unaware of  the "Muddled Mood"among the American electorate in 1988.

I was in the fourth grade that year, and at the elementary school I went to had a class…