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A humble exercise of free speech

Over this past Memorial Day, I was reminded, along with many others, about the price that so many brave soldiers, and service members of all branches, have paid for everyone's freedoms...freedoms that I certainly will never take for granted, including freedom of speech. The recent arrest, and subsequent incarceration (without due process) of Tommy Robinson, independent UK journalist and free speech activist, outside of the crown court in Leeds, where a Pakistani grooming gang was on trial for the raping, and victimization of hundreds of girls, some as young as eleven years old, is testament to how freedom of speech, and freedom of the press, are vigorously under assault in the United Kingdom. It goes without saying that those particular freedoms aren't allowed under communism, but seeing them slip away in a nation that gave birth to the Magna Carta is revolting.

The judge who sentenced Tommy, and who imposed a media blackout on coverage of his plight, Geoffrey Marson QC, has …