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Self defense is our last line of defense

Self defense is not just a human right, but a fundamental human right. For any government entity to stand in opposition, or act in opposition to that, in my mind constitutes a violation of human rights, and a willful misuse of power. Americans have a second amendment right to keep and bear arms, that was purchased, and paid for, through the bloodshed of the American Revolution, but still to this day we must remain vigilant, as that right must be protected against any assault it might, and does face.

The attempt at outright gun confiscation could very well be described as the spark that ignited the Battle on Lexington Green. In a rather good piece, written by one Geza John Vamos, that link is made, along with providing a brief description of the events leading up to the battle, as well as the battle itself:

"Make no mistake about it: attempted gun confiscation ignited America’s War for Independence. If the federal government attempts to confiscate the guns of the American people,…

An Alberta that has been put in disarray, would be welcomed in the U.S.A.

The topic of Alberta leaving Canada, to become the 51st state in the United States of America, is one that this American has been pondering, as a potential solution to the alienation Albertans have felt for quite sometime now, within confederation. I would like to touch on a few reasons I think that having Alberta as a 51'st state of the union would, or possibly could be beneficial to Alberta, as well as touch on the current purgatory Alberta has been placed in, with regards to getting it's most important natural resource flowing, which is oil.

From the equalization formula, and the ever increasing burden put on Alberta to provide, quite lavishly, for other provinces, such as Quebec, while still not getting any semblance of fairness in what they receive in return, to the pressing matter of Alberta being able to move it's most precious natural resource, which is oil, to market. It seems as though Alberta is surrounded on all sides, and in all honesty is currently run by, e…

We the people, for the People's Party Of Canada

The Constitution of the United States has always been the backbone of my beloved nation, and a centerpiece of the freedom's we all love, hold dear, and that many have given so much to defend. The first three words of that document, "we the people", are quite paramount, and to me, elucidate what our nation was founded power to the people, rather than an overreaching, tyrannical monarchy.

Currently, there is a new political movement in Canada, that seeks to bring some much needed power to the people of Canada. This movement has a face, and a leader, in Maxime Bernier, as well as a vehicle, in the recently minted "People's Party Of Canada", which Maxime was thankfully able to get off the ground, with the help of all who assisted him in this noble, selfless, and auspicious endeavor.

Maxime was once an integral, and vital part of the now wayward Conservative Party of Canada, until he not so much left that party, but the party left him, along with dit…

Maxime Bernier is risking it all...for the reward of Canadians.

If ever there was a need for an alternative to the Conservative party of Canada(CPC), for all Conservative(with a capital C)Canadians who are hungry for the kind of change that all of us,your counterparts here in the states, voted for in President is now, and courageously stepping up to fill that desperate need, and give it a national voice, is former Conservative Member of Parliament(MP), Maxime Bernier. President Trump took quite a risk, in running for the presidency in 2016, but I believe Maxime is taking even a bigger risk, in leaving behind the ineffective, albeit wide reaching, and well established party infrastructure of the CPC, and forging ahead on his own, to establish a new party. In many ways, looking at all the infighting that President Trump has had with what I believe to be a similarly, largely ineffective Republican party, and having to try and push his agenda through, within such a framework...I am envious of all of my Conservative cousins in Canada, who w…