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The yellow vest of courage, tailored for Canada.

While there can be a certain ebb and flow to certain protest movements, it looks as though the yellow vest-or gilets jaunes- movement hasn't lost any steam going into this new year. With beginnings in France last November, as a response to President Macron's fuel tax increase, the fire has spread to other European nations, including Belgium, the Netherlands, and even the UK. Each nation that adopts the movement has tailored it to both specific, as well as common issues shared with the originators in France. The French protests are made up of a cross section of those to the left and those to the right, and while maligned as violent and racist, there is absolutely nothing racist in the motives for these protests, and the only violent behavior seems to be coming from the police in response to the protestors. While treated like criminals, the real criminality is found in draconian taxes which are being imposed upon these people, which contribute to the high cost of living that th…